Finding a job is never easy. And no matter how sophisticated or internet-based the job searching process becomes it all seems to boil down to one thing: how linked in you are. For those of you who are au fait with online job recruiting culture you’re probably thinking about your profile on LinkedIn . About how you’ve used it to network with other professionals in your field and perhaps even how it got you your current job. Aren’t you lucky.

But what do you do if you have no access to internet and have skills which aren’t typically marketed online? Where do you turn to get a job? To friends and jobs notice boards? Well, welcome to Grahamstown where there is no employment agency. A place where people have to make do with informal networking and good , old-fashioned jobs notice board .And often this isn’t done terribly successfully.

Whether you are looking for a reliable domestic worker or are a domestic worker looking for a job there are no formal structures to help you in Grahamstown. This blog aims to serve as a type of online jobs notice board to help unemployed domestic workers in Grahamstown find jobs. It aims to explore the utility of the internet and social media and whether they can be used as networking tools by those who are often excluded by the internet.

Some background may be useful. This blog is part of an experiment I am working on as a fourth year New Media student at Rhodes University. As part of our course we are meant to blog on an ICT-related topic. I’m exploring virtual occupations and how the internet is changing the way people work and earn. My specific focus is on the utility of social media/ internet as tool to help domestic workers find jobs.

So , welcome to the first online jobs notice board for domestic workers in Grahamstown. More details to follow shortly …